After a year of posting book related content onto different blogs I decided in August 2013 to bring them all together for my own book blog, Dani’s Trekking Bookshelf. Why is ‘Trekking’ sandwiched in the title? Well, currently I’m being a little devious as the blog is not yet portable; instead it is anchored in Perth, Scotland. However, my ambition in the future is to be a travel and arts journalist and so ‘Trekking’ is linked with my future goal to have a mobile bookshelf pet that follows me as I travel across the world.

Since I was a young thing I have always been obsessed with reading books. This resulted in me creating a 19 paged books-I-want-to-read list (before I discovered the joys of Goodreads) as well as having the dream job: a stint at being a Waterstones Christmas temp. Now I am a student studying English and Journalism at University. I want my niche market of travel writing to be on the arts. I’m a pop culture fanatic who is obsessed with movies, TV, music and of course, books! I wanted to create Dani’s Trekking Bookshelf to provide you with good books to read on the road.

Dani’s Trekking Bookshelf while primarily focus on YA fiction. However, it will also provide reviews on adult fiction as well as non-fiction titles for those who are eager to learn more about the world.


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